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Extras for manual presses

Precision ram adjustment (DP)

As toggle presses first reach their maximum strength in the bottom dead centre (BDC), the vertical adjustment of the press heads is often too imprecise via the threaded spindle. With the precision ram adjustment, the press’s pressure point can be adjusted precisely at the ram. The scale of the adjusting ring permits a readable fine adjustment of 0.02mm. The adjustable range is ±1.5mm.
The precision ram adjustment is set if it depends on the highest precision of the wheel offset. Ideal for prototype construction and volume production, if delicate and easy adjustment within the tolerance range is required.

Micrometer stop (MICRO)

For high-precision assembly work with rack and pinion presses, if it depends on the workpiece being positioned in a high-precision way.

Return travel lock (HS)

Partial strokes, and thus incomplete manufacturing processes, are eliminated with the return travel lock for manual toggle presses and rack and pinion presses. Distortion, joining or connection processes are always carried out safely and in full: An effective contribution to quality assurance.
The press’s return stroke is blocked in the downstroke. If the stroke was initially carried out in full, the lock is released and the lever can be reset. A release mechanism ensures that canted parts can be removed.

Table bore (TB)

Lower dies can be incorporated in the centrered table bore. Fixing takes place with a transverse screw. The table bore enables a quick tool change and reduces the set-up times. This option is possible for all manual presses or for other presses on request.

Stroke counter (Z)

The number of pieces reduced can be quickly reviewed with the five- digit stroke counter. This option is possible for all manual presses.

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