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horst-benzing.deComparator stands
Run-out testers


mäder offers for pneumatic presses
various controllers.

Our presses and controls are manufactured according to the valid EN standards and conform to the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC CE. The electrically as well as pneumatically redundantly designed controls give you the necessary safety.


Electro-pneumatic two-hand safety control with EU prototype test.

Using a key-operated switch, you can change from two-hand mode to an external start signal for the press, e.g. a foot pedal. The foot pedal or similar is not included in the shipment of the MPS-1 control.

MPS-1 controller with additional stop time function. When the press has reached its end position, a timer can be used to determine when the return stroke should take place.


MPS-1 Control added with a module to control the press and a PST130 pneumatic sliding table.


MPS-1 Control added with a module for force / displacement Monitoring TPC-MIDI. You will find details on the TPC PLUS MIDI monitor in the page process monitoring.

MPS-1 type controllers include:

  • redundant, electrical two-hand safety press controller
  • EC type examinated, and redundant electro-pneumatic press safety valve
  • Emergency stop
  • Stroke counter
  • Maintenance unit consisting of a pressure reducing regulator with a pressure gauge, filter and lubricator.

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