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horst-benzing.deComparator stands
Run-out testers

Slide Table:

mäder pneumatic and manual slide tables simplify manual and automatic insertion and therefore increase the economic efficiency of assembly processes.

The advantages:

  • Insertion is carried out outside the danger area
  • Parts can be preassembled spatially unhindered by the press
  • Versatile options for automation and feed tasks
  • Precise positioning of workpieces

Other quality features:

   MST 80   MST 100   MST 130   PST 130 
Manual slide table  
Pneumatic slide table      
Teflon slideway    
Hardened and
ground guide columns
Precision cross-roller
guide with highloading capacity
Slideway adjustable
without play
Installs transversely
or longitudinally
Damping at both
end positions
Self-latching in
end position

Typ  MST 80   MST 100   MST 130   PST 130 
Stroke mm 80 100 130 130
Load capacity kN 12 30 50 50
Suitable for presses with throat   mm 63/80 80/100  100/130/150/250/300   100/130/150/250/300 

Overall dimensions (PDF):

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