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A chronology - products and their time:

 Everything has its time. Explore on our timeline what moved the world and happed same time at mäder.

1950s     Karl Mäder founded a turning shop. 
1960s Karl Mäder’s sons developed and manufactured manual and pneumatic presses for the local market. 
1975 Foundation of „Mäder Maschinenbau GmbH“. 
1979 The first CNC machining centre was acquired. 
1988  On grounds of age the Mäder brothers sold their company to the present owner Niels Piper. 
1989 Move to new production facility and the start of a radical product revision. 
1998 Product launch: manual presses with square ram and ERGO- PRESS manual lever. 
1999 mäder builts its own company building in Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany. 
2003 Product launch: DA type pneumatic presses, the modern direct acting pneumatic press. 
2003 Product launch: NP Type, high end manually supported pneumatic toggle press. 
2005 Product extension: the pneumatic toggle presses with a square ram. 
2006 DAF, flangue type version press cylinders.  
2007 Revised version of the return travel lock system (HS) with innovativ and patented technology. 
2007 MicroPress®, the precision pneumatic press for micomechanics. 
2008 acquisition and continuation of the Press & Tool Concept of a wellknown swiss manufacturer 
2010 PLP Manually assisted pneumatic press. 
2012 DAP type portal press 
2014 Tables coulissantes MST 80 et MST 10 
2014 Presse à crémaillère MPZ 500 
2015 mäder buys Horst Benzing Feinwerktechnik GmbH 
2019 2nd building in Neuhausen ob Eck 
2019 LabPress - rack + pinion press for laboratory use 
2020 Horst Benzing Feinwerktechnik GmbH melts with mäder pressen GmbH, Product line is extended by metrology  

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