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Toggel Presses:

Your selected press: L-VK 1200-60 (Square ram, Type: VK)

Capacity [kN]:  12
Total Stroke [mm]:  60
Working Stroke [mm]:  0
Throat [mm]:  80
Troat [mm]:  0
Table size CxD [mm]:  157 x 115
T-slot [mm] similar to DIN 650:  12
Ram bore Øxdepth [mm]:  10H7 x 30
Ram Ø [mm] / Surface F [mm²]:  31 x 31
Space required CxG [mm]:  155 x 280
Weight [kg]:  32
catalogue page:  Download
Item No.: Description: Daylight (min): Daylight (max): Overall dimensions (PDF): 3D file (STEP):  
1-512-6-2710 L-VK 1200-60 52 352 Download ask for

optional accessories:

ERGO hand lever size 4

manual slide table MST 80
Manual slide table for manual insertion of assembly processes. Precise positioning of workpieces. Suitable for presses with 63 and 80mm throat. Load capacity until 12 kN.

manual slide table MST 100
Manual slide table for manual insertion of assembly processes. Precise positioning of workpieces. Suitable for presses with 80 and 100 mm throat. Load capacity until 30 kN.
Item No.: Description:    
9-000-1-0058  ERGO hand lever size 4 info    
9-100-0-0080  manual slide table MST 80 info    
9-100-0-0085  manual slide table MST 100 info    

Please choose accessories by clicking on the corresponding box:


Return travel lock (HS)

Precision ram
adjustment (DP)

Table bore (TB)

Stroke counter (Z)
mäder toggle presses only produce their rated force at the end of the stroke, the bottom dead centre (BDC). In doing so, the high working pressure of the press is achieved using the toggle mechanism with a relatively low effort (approximately 150N) on the part of the user.

Toggle presses are therefore used where the full force of the press is only required over a short distance at the end of the working stroke, e.g. in assembling, punching, riveting, stamping, gluing etc.

Standard throats of 63mm, 100mm and 250mm allow a broad selection of partsto be processed.

Depending of the model daylight can be adjusted steplessly from 43 mm to 375mm.

mäder manual toggle presses can be upgraded with various extras which enhance the functionality of the press.

The square ram has significant advantages compared with the round ram:
  • Absolute protection against twisting
  • Hardened and precisely ground ram
  • Press ram guide free from play
  • Readjustable jib strips for square ram
  • Large tool locating surface
  • Guides in tool therefore usually unnecessary
  • Practically maintenance-free operation
Tools can be securly fixed by a screw.

mäder hand-operated toggle presses with square ram are ideal tools for manufacturing small precision parts with tight tolerances in small and medium-sized batches where automation would be too cost intensive.

The L-version of mäder presses stands for presses with enlarged daylight. They are typically used when large parts shall be processed and additional space between press head and press table is required.

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