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HP Type hydro-pneumatic presses

Your selected press: XL-HP 10.000 HV 5/50 (Round ram, Type: HP)

Capacity [kN]:  100
Total Stroke [mm]:  50
Working Stroke [mm]:  5
Throat [mm]:  300
Troat [mm]:  150
Table size CxD [mm]:  310 x 220
T-slot [mm] similar to DIN 650:  16
Ram bore Øxdepth [mm]:  20H7 x 34
Ram Ø [mm] / Surface F [mm²]:  40
Space required CxG [mm]:  320 x 610
Weight [kg]:  311
catalogue page:  Download
Item No.: Description: Daylight (min): Daylight (max): Overall dimensions (PDF): 3D file (STEP):  
6-100-I-7710 XL-HP 10.000 HV 5/50 200 270 Download ask for

mäder hydropneumatic presses are initially driven by compressed air only and activate the hydraulic power stroke automatically. They combine the advantages of pneumatic and hydraulic presses. In the pneumatically driven fast stroke, the workpiece is approached rapidly with low force. The hydraulic power stroke is then activated automatically when resistance is encountered.

Because of this, the applied energy is used to the most economic effect particularly in these models.

Hp type hydro-pneumatic presses are availble in various sizes with capacities from 30 kN up to 100 kN and throatds from 100 mm to 300 mm.

All hydropneumatic presses are available as an automation module or can be supplied with mäder controls for individual workstations..

The round ram of mäder pressen is characterized by high sturdiness, ground surface and precise ram bore. Tools can be fixed securely in the ram bore by means of a fixation screw. Round rams of mäder pressen are either guided in precision honed bores or in precise Teflon bushings.

Quality features:
  • Anti-twist, hardened ram
  • Long, honed ram guide for maximum precision
  • Two power stroke lengths provided as standard
  • Simple adjustment of the height of the press head using a threaded spindle and right-angle gearbox
  • Side-mounted measuring strip for fast reproduction of settings when changing the tool
  • Low noise: less than 75 dB

A larger throat is required wherever bulky parts are processed, e.g. the processing of printed circuit boards, sheet metal and similar parts. mäder XL presses with 250 mm throat are employed in such cases.

The base is a stable welded structure to which different standard press heads can be fitted.

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